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Angel Candle
Angel Candle
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Angel Candle

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$5 from each 8 oz candle will be donated to “No Foot Too Small” in collaboration with Henry’s Ripple  💙👼✨💕


Henry’s Story, courtesy of

”Everybody has a story. Henry's story here on Earth was too terribly short.

But the over arching theme of his story and life are a beautiful one.

All centered around LOVE.

Henry only knew love in his life and that is really quite profound.

Everyone was wholeheartedly on his side his entire time here.

While we are devastated that his time was cut short, he lived 40 weeks growing inside Mom and he lived around 30 hours after birth. 

He grew into our perfect angel.

8 lbs, 14.2 ounces of pure love.

Dark curls forming at the base of his head.

Finger nails and toenails that were ready for a trim.

The cutest button nose and perfect chin that we've ever laid our eyes on. 

Henry's Crew was surrounding him physically, and from afar, during his fight in the NICU. We hung onto hope, but in the NICU quickly learned that Henry's body was not responding to any sort of medical intervention. Months down the road we received more answers as to "why". Henry's body had been without proper oxygen and blood flow from a hemorrhage between his placenta and umbilical cord in utero. This led to his organs not being able to sustain his life.

When we numbingly and devastating handed him over to God, on September 12th, 2021, we clung to each other, our faith, family and friends, and the hope that more of Henry's purpose and legacy would be revealed to us over time.  

We went home, without our precious baby, Henry, and started realizing the signs all around. Ripple of love and goodness, ocean, waves, seashells. All of these "ripple" signs came to us from all over the place. Seashells tied to a meal that was delivered to our front door from a kind church group. Reflecting back on the song that I sung to him in the hospital...."Oceans" by Hillsong United. Looking at the framed artwork in his nursery with a quote about, yes, oceans! The fact that we had just moved from the middle of the country [Iowa], where we lived our whole lives in the Midwest, to now being easy driving distance to the coast [North Carolina]?! The messages from friends and family who shared stories of the ripple that was VERY evident whenever they shared Henry's story with someone. Everywhere we turned, there was a little sign. Ripple. Love. 


Henry's Ripple. 

As Henry's parents, it's our hope and mission that we can continue to spread the love and light that poured in from near and far when we lost our sweet baby boy. Henry's Ripple was born to help us do just that. 

Thank you for being here with us, spreading Henry's message of love, and going out into the world and making it just a little bit of a brighter place.”

- Courtney & Scott, Henry’s Parents