Branded Ear Tag Cowhide Car Charm
Branded Ear Tag Cowhide Car Charm

Branded Ear Tag Cowhide Car Charm

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The cowhide pattern on each ear tag may vary. The image is done on the hair side and the other side of the charm is a plain colored leather.  A stretchy string in included with each charm. This charm will not be scented. Scent oil sprays are sold separately.


These car charms are made of leather and cowhide in a family boot shop in Panhandle Texas.

* The charm is hair on hide one side and leather the other side. Each charm is stitched together. The charm can be hung from the rearview mirror, placed under the seat, or just about anywhere in a vehicle, trailer, camper, home, barn, wherever you'd like it!

* Charms can be scented by misting the hair side of the charm with one of our many scented oils. These oils can be purchased right here on our website or in store!

* ONLY USE 1-2 MISTS OF OIL AT A TIME AS NEEDED to re-scent the charm (our bottles of oil should last over a year!)